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The shift to Social Computing,Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

This is a short blog post from a ZDNet blog that chats about ‘social computing’ in the enterprise. I think that so called ‘social computing’ can have great impact on businesses in the same way it has been bringing together communities on line. My pet project tentatively called TeamCloud is in this space. I think that teams can collaborate much more effectively and effectively. I also think that the collaboration mechanism must be simple as pie. My thought is that – as strange as it seems – the social computing facets that have worked their way into the ‘end user’ on-line universe will work their way into the world of business and enable much higher levels of communication. I also believe that this will to some extent ride on the back of the ‘semantic web’ set of emerging standards like OWL, RDF, RDFS, etc. I predict that we will see continued advances and success in leveraging information for businesses for years to come. Standardization and radiation of information!

Also read through to here. For more chatter on this topic.
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Active RDF – a set of tools for semantic web work using ruby

Active RDF – is a set of tools for semantic web work using ruby. I have been looking at the Redland RDF Application Framework from Dave Beckett lately. I believe this makes use of it – good stuff!

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