Erlang vs Ruby

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How I have fit IronPython, Ruby, JRuby and IronRuby into my existing .net projects

Ruby and Python are great languages. I have spent several years now with ruby and I am just getting into python in the past year or so. I will still admit that I prefer ruby in every way, but I have come to like and appreciate python as well. I have been working on building […]

Ruby refactors equals and get hash

I was looking @ moving some code for a project that was started in C# to Ruby. 1stly, it is astounding how much less code it takes to do the same stuff. That however is not the reason I chose to post this morning. Gabe and Micah are playing nicely together today (it is nice […]

More Fuzzy Logic, this time in Ruby – RFuzz

module RFuzz class Math def self.max(a,b) if a > b then return a end return b end def self.min(a,b) if a < b then return a end return b end end class BoundedSumFuzzyOr def operation(a, b) Math.max(1, a + b) end end class AlgebraicSumFuzzyOr def operation(a, b) a + b - a * b; end […]

Thoughts from Maine – user experience, ruby, python and more

I have been spending all my time relaxing, playing with the kids, sitting on the porch reading and looking at the Atlantic. It has been a bit rainy – but still just about perfect relaxation and family bonding. The reading time has been great. I have also been doing some programming play while my younger […]

Cross Language Validation – Ruby?? Python??

For a current project – we have .net clients and java servers – seems to be the wall street standard – at least for my past several clients/ employers. That said – another common scenario is to standardize message formats via XSDs. If we standardize XSDs we now have a contract for message formats. This […]

Python or Ruby in your C# application

I am looking forward to embedding some modern object oriented scripting in my upcoming applications. IronPython is the best candidate currently. as an ‘expressions’ framework. It is basically an Antlr based executor of string C# code – see here. This comes with the runtime burdens (non-trivial sometimes) the code management issues of Antlr (C# […]

Sapphire in Steel – Ruby in Visual Studio 2005

An IDE for Ruby – Visual Studio 2005! Interesting.. This is an IDE for Ruby – NOT for .net – it will only make Ruby output – not .net output. Visual Studio certainly is a complete IDE – and there is a deep SDK for extending Visual Studio -  so – why not? Sapphire in […]

IoC, Dependency Injection for Ruby

Well – After looking at a few other Ruby IoC containers – I am comparing Needle and Copeland. My thought is currently that Copeland feels more comfortable in general. It seems to offer much of what Spring offers from the ‘core container features’ to some AOP type features as well. That being said – I […]

Pragmatic Programmers 10 Part interview

Here is a link that has all 10 parts of an interview with the Pragmatic Programmer guys. I refer to lots of these ideas all the time. So – go read this stuff – better – get and read the 1st book The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Then get this one and read […]

Active RDF – a set of tools for semantic web work using ruby

Active RDF – is a set of tools for semantic web work using ruby. I have been looking at the Redland RDF Application Framework from Dave Beckett lately. I believe this makes use of it – good stuff! read more | digg story generic cialis canadian , no prescription viagra , purchasing viagra in canada […]

Deep Integration of Ruby with Semantic Web Ontologies

A great article (*warning* PDF) chatting about the match that could/would exist between Ruby and the Semantic web technologies. I agree that the match between the way of ontoloties and and the way of languages like Java and C# may be off. I will be curious to see if any supporting frameworks come about in […]