More on plinko style architecture – how do we do architecture?

In a prior post I talked about how important it is to “slice the work vertically” and not to get lost in BDUF land. In general, I think architecture needs to be “right sized” to the project. A teeny app needs little or no real “architecture planning” a huge app certainly needs some. The trick is […]

Conquest through extreme composition + glue, Part 1

We are currently in a 2 week design spike. We are developing a solution with one primary goal: Integrated User Experience The product will be used to unify many .net based applications. The product must enable developers to deliver faster than ever to their trading clients. The product must provide radical levels of integrated user experience. […]

Rocky and Jeffrey battle on about Test Driven Development … and my 2 cents

There is yet another debate on TDD going on. Basically – folks do or do-not-practice TDD. The mindset of TDD is one that is useful in my thinking. I think too many developers – even quite good ones think; “I do not need to write tests”, or “It is not a good use of my […]

Cowboy coder to developer

I am leaving the project that I am leading currently in a few weeks. Today I began handing off the lead to one of the developers on the project. The task of getting the entire team ‘on the beat’ of the project and keeping them there is key for this person to be able to […]

An old yet still applicable article all developers should read (IMHO)

Object oriented software development is something that takes people time to get. Often I find myself pointing people to this this article to sum up why I am doing or something, why something feels right or wrong to me. This is not a new article – I just find myself pointing people to this better […]

Developing User Interfaces…..

Inspired by an article linked @ SlashDot … I got to thinking about developing software for end users, as I often do…. My current project is a desktop credit derivatives trading application that ~900 users globally use (not too many I realize – but enough to be interesting). When I 1st came on the project […]

Hiring good developers is hard

I am trying HARD to hire people – and boy is it hard. (been doing it for years and it is still hard)Senior C# Developers in New York – here’s the catch – it is in Long Island – 45 min outside of NYC. MAN is it hard to get good talent out here. We […]