10 Years, 11 Months, 16 Days since my first blog post here

10 Years, 11 Months, 16 Days I thought I was due a blog post. It has really been a while. I have recently read a slew of books, here are my brief comments: HFT/ Algo-trading related: The Speed Traders Meh Flash Boys Over-hyped, overt-sensationalised … yet entertaining. Reflects the markets as imagined 3 years+ ago. […]

2010 Reading… Still Mostly Science Fiction

Too Big To Fail – Andrew Ross Sorkin – good read, everyone read it Several Dresden Files – Jim Butcher, bored Out of the Dark – David Weber, good – 4 stars Surface Detail – Ian M Banks, abandoned – wanted to lik eit Towers Of Midnight – Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, FANTASTIC! Ship of Destiny  – Robin […]

Algorithmic Trading and DMA Book

Several weeks back I got a message from Barry Johnson marketing his book on algo trading. Since I have a book buying problem and I generally have all books related to trading, especially automated trading – I went and ordered it. The book; Algorithmic Trading and DMA is a good overview of what the title says […]

My 2009 Mostly Science Fiction Reading

So – 2009 was a great year for my continued sci-fi “reading”. I actually read perpetually – and the actual reading that I do is usually of the technical sort (quant finance, trading, software, teams, leadership, etc.). In the walking commute and during my daily running – I listen to audio books – quite a […]

More reading – via Safari

Well – I am doing the Safari Subscription thing….. I am an info addict. Audible subscription, Safari subscription, magazines, more books …. AAAHHH. Love it.  Safari is pretty cool so far. Since I tend to read so much – this should make the bill a bit lower in general. I usually get my books from […]

db4o book … and a few others

Books books books books…. The folks @ db4o were kind enough to send me a copy of the new book “The Definitive Guide to db4o” today. A few months back I filled out some survey for them – lo and behold – free book Since i am a book junkie – this is of course […]

New Reading

Here is my latest reading…. Since I do so much of this – framework design – I figured I would see what they have to say Framework Design Guidelines : Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries   The author’s blog – Brad Abrams – he is on my current blog reading list. Eric […]

Pragmatic Programmers 10 Part interview

Here is a link that has all 10 parts of an interview with the Pragmatic Programmer guys. I refer to lots of these ideas all the time. So – go read this stuff – better – get and read the 1st book The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Then get this one and read […]

Books I have been reading

Beyond the C++ Standard Library : An Introduction to Boost CLR via C# Behind Closed Doors : Secrets of Great Management Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion Java Threads (3rd edition includes the latest JDK’s stuff) Ajax Patterns and Best Practices

Sci Fi Series ..

Well – Since I am an Audible addict… I figured I would post some of my listens… Robert Jordan – Wheel of time series – (12 books so far – 1 left to come) Kevin J. Anderson – Saga of Seven Suns (4 books so far – 1 soon, who knows how many more after) […]