10 Years, 11 Months, 16 Days since my first blog post here

10 Years, 11 Months, 16 Days I thought I was due a blog post. It has really been a while. I have recently read a slew of books, here are my brief comments: HFT/ Algo-trading related: The Speed Traders Meh Flash Boys Over-hyped, overt-sensationalised … yet entertaining. Reflects the markets as imagined 3 years+ ago. […]

2010 Reading… Still Mostly Science Fiction

Too Big To Fail – Andrew Ross Sorkin – good read, everyone read it Several Dresden Files – Jim Butcher, bored Out of the Dark – David Weber, good – 4 stars Surface Detail – Ian M Banks, abandoned – wanted to lik eit Towers Of Midnight – Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, FANTASTIC! Ship of Destiny  – Robin […]

Algorithmic Trading and DMA Book

Several weeks back I got a message from Barry Johnson marketing his book on algo trading. Since I have a book buying problem and I generally have all books related to trading, especially automated trading – I went and ordered it. The book; Algorithmic Trading and DMA is a good overview of what the title says […]

My 2009 Mostly Science Fiction Reading

So – 2009 was a great year for my continued sci-fi “reading”. I actually read perpetually – and the actual reading that I do is usually of the technical sort (quant finance, trading, software, teams, leadership, etc.). In the walking commute and during my daily running – I listen to audio books – quite a […]

Refactoring in Large Software Projects: Performing Complex Restructurings Successfully

I have been reading: Refactoring in Large Software Projects: Performing Complex Restructurings Successfully. Along with the WELC book, an excellent book for the REALITY of day to day programming. How do we continue to write testable code, have emergent architecture, manage complex software day to day… The RLSP:PCRS book (fun with/ death by acronym) book […]

More reading – via Safari

Well – I am doing the Safari Subscription thing….. I am an info addict. Audible subscription, Safari subscription, magazines, more books …. AAAHHH. Love it.  Safari is pretty cool so far. Since I tend to read so much – this should make the bill a bit lower in general. I usually get my books from […]

db4o book … and a few others

Books books books books…. The folks @ db4o were kind enough to send me a copy of the new book “The Definitive Guide to db4o” today. A few months back I filled out some survey for them – lo and behold – free book Since i am a book junkie – this is of course […]

New Reading

Here is my latest reading…. Since I do so much of this – framework design – I figured I would see what they have to say Framework Design Guidelines : Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries   The author’s blog – Brad Abrams – he is on my current blog reading list. Eric […]

Pragmatic Programmers 10 Part interview

Here is a link that has all 10 parts of an interview with the Pragmatic Programmer guys. I refer to lots of these ideas all the time. So – go read this stuff – better – get and read the 1st book The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Then get this one and read […]

Books I have been reading

Beyond the C++ Standard Library : An Introduction to Boost CLR via C# Behind Closed Doors : Secrets of Great Management Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion Java Threads (3rd edition includes the latest JDK’s stuff) Ajax Patterns and Best Practices sildenafil oral jelly , woman testimonial of cialis , buy cialis online canada , best […]

ObjectView Magazine

Via : Obie Fernandez (a thoughtworks-er). This magazine ObjectView – looks pretty darn cool. -Chris buy discount viagra online , viagra available in india , herbal alternative to viagra , uk alternative viagra , canada viagra , cheap onlinecom order viagra , cialis online canada , female viagra , where did viagra come from , viagra […]

Sci Fi Series ..

Well – Since I am an Audible addict… I figured I would post some of my listens… Robert Jordan – Wheel of time series – (12 books so far – 1 left to come) Kevin J. Anderson – Saga of Seven Suns (4 books so far – 1 soon, who knows how many more after) […]