Amazing Test Automation

I was reading an article about how Google is going to start releasing versions of it’s browser every 6 weeks – much, much faster than it’s competitors (Firefox, IE, Safari). They have the same goals I do in my day to day job – deliver faster with fixed quality. HOW !?? Google is serious about […]

Agile on Wall Street

In this article of Wall Street and Technology’s latest issue they chat about how so many banks are looking @ Agile methods to deliver software. David Chapman, one of the partners at my former firm is one of the main interviewees. He talks about the issues with CMM based methods and how agile is different. They […]

Certified Scrum Product Owner

This morning I got a message from the Scrum Alliance folks.  I got my “official” Certified Product Owner info. The course was a good one. Mike Cohn and Ken Schwaber have been getting firms running using scrum for a long time. I have done it for some years – but their experience was extremely helpful. […]

Hysterical ScrumMaster pictures

I thought this was particularly amusing. I am a huge scrum believer. I am also responsible for promoting scrum within my organization. I really, really believe in it – really …. BUT … The terminology is sometimes hard to get over for people. I thought this pic was really – really funny what is viagra […]

Certified Scrum Product Owner Course

I am happy to be going to a Certified Scrum Product Owner Course this week in Boston. Having done the scrum thing for a number of years now, I am looking forward to speaking with and thanking the 2 people giving the course Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn. Ken Schwaber is one of the folks to really started […]

More on plinko style architecture – how do we do architecture?

In a prior post I talked about how important it is to “slice the work vertically” and not to get lost in BDUF land. In general, I think architecture needs to be “right sized” to the project. A teeny app needs little or no real “architecture planning” a huge app certainly needs some. The trick is […]

Conquest through extreme composition + glue, Part 1

We are currently in a 2 week design spike. We are developing a solution with one primary goal: Integrated User Experience The product will be used to unify many .net based applications. The product must enable developers to deliver faster than ever to their trading clients. The product must provide radical levels of integrated user experience. […]

The Plinko model of software architecture

In general, “architecture” is a word that carries some heavy connotations in the “agilist” community. We all fear the unfortunate problems that BDUF brings with it. We do not believe it is wise to start off by defining a big detailed design up front. What happens is that once you begin the learning (working) process, […]

Test Driven Development and Mock Objects Developer Session Slides

Here are some items from the Test Driven Development and Mocks developer session I did a few weeks ago in NYC. I excerpeted lots of people -see the refs at the end of the slide deck. The main things I wanted to hilight were #1 – how important unit tests are. How much better they […]

Test Drive Development Developer Session – Unit Testing and Mock Objects in .Net and Java

It is time for the next ‘Developer Session’ in my series … The last one that we did – Spring Framework Developer Session (code, power point) was a hit – with maybe ~40 people who came out to hear about Spring. I am happy to report the next dev session is: Test Drive Development Developer […]

Get rid of your code – 37 Signals “Get Real”

Here is a GREAT quote. If programmers got paid to remove code from sofware instead of writing new code, software would be a whole lot better. -Nicholas Negroponte, Wiesner Professor of Media Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founding chairman of MIT’s Media Laboratory ( from And, the rest of the (AIGA Conference) […]

Pragmatic Programmers 10 Part interview

Here is a link that has all 10 parts of an interview with the Pragmatic Programmer guys. I refer to lots of these ideas all the time. So – go read this stuff – better – get and read the 1st book The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Then get this one and read […]