Spring Framework Developer Session Slides

Here are the slides for our Spring Framework Developer Session this evening: Spring Framework Presentation.ppt Spring.Net Presentation.ppt Spring.Java Presentation.ppt Enjoy! cialis philippines , drink alcohol with viagra , which is better viagra or cialis , super viagra , viagra discount , herbal alternative to cialis , best natural viagra , purchase sildenafil citrate , cialisis […]

Static everything is bad!

I keep finding applications, frameworks, and general methods that have ‘Singleton-itis’ or ‘Static everything’. Ugh! A static reference is a concrete class dependency Concrete class dependencies give you transitive dependencies ex: -NiceNewClass_X has zero depends to start -We decide it could reuse stuff in StaticHelperClass_Y -StaticHelperClass_Y has depends on 9 classes -So – NiceNewClass_X now […]

SQL Prompt – Free SQL Editor with ‘Intellisense’/ Auto-Complete

Wow – I have been a fan of Redgate for a while. I have used some of their tools in the past (Ants, Sql Compare). In the past I have liked Apex SQL Edit for my SQL Server specific SQL Coding. Well – now Redgate is offering a free SQL Editor here. This comes via […]

Great post about InvokeRequired, Invoke, BeginInvoke in WinForms apps

WinForms UI Thread Invokes: An In-Depth Review of Invoke/BeginInvoke/InvokeRequred Since I have been upgrading an app to .net 2.0 – that happens to have lots of thread access violations – I have been thinking about this stuff a bunch. This is about the best description of the issues involved with marshalling calls across from background […]

Spring Framework Developer Session

It seems we have the ‘go ahead’ from Finetix management to have our 1st Developer Session at the new Finetix office space. Solomon has kindly volunteered to do the Java portion of our session. I am sure he will have lots good to say as he has been an avid SpringFramework user. These sessions ARE […]

Project retrospective

Well – I just had my last day with a client. I had the pleasure of (eventually) running a team of a few guys here in NYC and 1 member over the pond in London. We worked quite hard on building a trader facing credit deriv trading system. C#/ .Net clientLong story short – they […]