Outline for Spring Framework presentation

I am planning to do a Spring Framework (.net, java)seminar at the new Finetix office. The general gist is that I would like to cover the .net and java implmentations and I would like this to be open to the public. I already spoke to the Spring.net folks and they will make a post when […]

Interaction Design/ UI Design

Aah – I spend so much time trying to make the Presentation Layer of my applications as ‘thin’ as possible – one might think that I believe it to be unimportant. Alas- I believe the opposite is true. While I think of myself as sort of an enterprise software guy – I think that end […]

Welcome a few new Finetix folks

Always good to see new folks on the team. Mike Roberts – Welcome to NYC 🙂 Chris Shain – I think we like some similar music.. Welcome on board! -Chris Norvasc 2.5mg Pills $136.00 , Zebeta 5mg Pills $236.00 , Zebeta 5mg Pills $236.00 From FDA Approved Pharmacy , Cialis Iop

Get rid of your code – 37 Signals “Get Real”

Here is a GREAT quote. If programmers got paid to remove code from sofware instead of writing new code, software would be a whole lot better. -Nicholas Negroponte, Wiesner Professor of Media Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founding chairman of MIT’s Media Laboratory ( from And, the rest of the (AIGA Conference) […]

IoC, Dependency Injection for Ruby

Well – After looking at a few other Ruby IoC containers – I am comparing Needle and Copeland. My thought is currently that Copeland feels more comfortable in general. It seems to offer much of what Spring offers from the ‘core container features’ to some AOP type features as well. That being said – I […]

Pragmatic Programmers 10 Part interview

Here is a link that has all 10 parts of an interview with the Pragmatic Programmer guys. I refer to lots of these ideas all the time. So – go read this stuff – better – get and read the 1st book The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Then get this one and read […]

Metrics backing up an agile approach to software development

Thoughtworks has some ineteresting metrics posted. It seems that they have tasked Forrester Research with quantifying the advantage that ‘their’ agile approach provided their clients. Here is a noteworthy metric excerpt (again, wish we had an xhtml web where I could xlink/ point to this): Client: Four Fortune 500 Companies • Improved time to benefit […]

Google’s open source AjaXSLT project

I just stumbled across googles AjaXSLT open source XPath and XSLT enjine written in JavaScript. Pretty cool I must say. -Chris Isoptin 80mg Pills $172.00 , Sildenafil Citrate 50mg Pills $150.00 , Sildenafil Citrate 50mg Pills $150.00 From Your Trusted Online Supplier , Soft Cialis

Books I have been reading

Beyond the C++ Standard Library : An Introduction to Boost CLR via C# Behind Closed Doors : Secrets of Great Management Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion Java Threads (3rd edition includes the latest JDK’s stuff) Ajax Patterns and Best Practices Neem 60 Tablet Bottle $265.00 , Amaryl 3mg Pills $99.00 , Amaryl 3mg Pills $99.00 […]

Just some interesting posts…

I finally got to reading through many folks blogs this evening. Here are several interesting posts that I eventually drilled through to: Is Static Typing a Form of Bad Coupling? – More static/ dynamic language stuff Finlabs – REAL COOL Algorithmic Trading The 48 Laws of Power Development Abstraction – go Joel – this is […]

ISDA offering an FPML Course in NYC tomorrow

ISDA FPML Course in NYC tomorrow ISDA – the International Swaps and Derivatives Association is giving an intro level course on FPML (Financial products Mark-up Language) tomorrow in NYC. They will cover the ‘basics’ of FPML/ XML and also go into some product examples with CDS and Interest Rate products. Anyone programming in the capital […]