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I am trying HARD to hire people – and boy is it hard. Viagra cost (been doing it for years and it is still hard)Senior C# Developers in New York – here’s the catch – it is in Long Island – 45 min outside of NYC. Viagra cost MAN is it hard to get good talent out here. Viagra cost We HAVE an amazing group – world class developers, viagra cost but MAN is it hard to get em’ out here. Viagra cost We have been doing great top 100 web site projects as well as really large smart client application development. Viagra cost It is all SOA based – exciting and great as dev work goes. Viagra cost I interview person after person, viagra cost we have professional screening of candidates, viagra cost many people work hard at this process. Viagra cost At the end of the day – when I am discouraged, viagra cost we sometimes see those great developers – and I remember that they DO exist and I am re-encouraged. Viagra cost But BOY is it hard to get there.

Viagra cost Also hiring; QA Manager, viagra cost Business Analyst, viagra cost SQL Server DBA, viagra cost 5 more C# Devs in early 2006. Viagra cost It is painful – because we are picky. Viagra cost I often get criticized for being too ‘tough’ on candidates, viagra cost but – frankly – I am not. Viagra cost If people put something on the resume – I WILL ask about it. Viagra cost I find this amazing pattern – and it gives me a theory. Viagra cost Here it is…..

Viagra cost Theory of Most Desired Skills

Viagra cost My primary method of interview is to allow people to give their own context and talk freely. Viagra cost I say something like “So – what do you like to do in programming world? What are you good at doing? What do you think is key? etc.”. Viagra cost I find that SO often what happens is that people start talking about something they know less about than other things. Viagra cost So – my theory is that developers believe that the areas where they are most vulnerable, viagra cost where they know the least or perceive as the ‘hardest’ – they believe this is what you want them to know. Viagra cost I have seen it so many times, viagra cost that I just had to rationalize the pattern. Viagra cost I really believe that so many developers perceive the areas where they are weak to be the most important areas and they just lead themselves right into talking about those weak areas. Viagra cost This is of course awful for them. Viagra cost It hangs a large percentage of unqualified candidates.

Viagra cost One of my favorite interview hangs was with a gentleman who insisted that he was using XQuery. Viagra cost The problem was that there were NO implementations of XQuery at that point in time – just a W3C spec. Viagra cost In any case – he fessed up – what a joke!

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